Good Golfers. Better People

Young people do not automatically act with integrity or demonstrate sportsmanship. The acquisition of values is often a by-product that evolves from an individuals experiences. Independent research confirms the youth development program delivered at The First Tee’s chapters instill life skills and core values in youth participants. Highlights from the study include:
  • Participants unanimously identified school as a setting in which they transferred life skills.
  • 73% reported high confidence in their ability to do well academically.
  • 82% felt confident in their social skills with peers.
  • 57% credited The First Tee for their meeting and greeting skills.
  • 52% credited the program for their ability to appreciate diversity.

An independent, four-year, longitudinal research study led by University of Minnesota’s Maureen R. Weiss, Ph.D. confirmed The First Tee’s ability to teach life skills and The First Tee Nine Core Values™ to youth participating in the Life Skills Experience, the educational curriculum delivered at all chapters. Flip through the online version or download it as a PDF ».

A Lasting Impact: What Our Teens & Alumni Say About The First Tee

The First Tee has gone a step further and examined the depth of participant/coach relationships respective to the acquisition of life skills associated with positive youth development. In the latest research on The First Tee teen and alumni, we find the relationship with their coaches were meaningful and grew stronger over time---resulting in acquisition of life and golf skills.


12014 survey, U.S. Dept. of Labor:

The First Tee's goal is to provide character education and life skills programs to help young people be successful in school and in life. 

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